888 poker stole my money

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888 poker stole my money

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  • Actually received it within 5 days!

    Double Your Money & Play with up to $400 bonus

    poker Firstly, I'd like to just thank those who have taken the time to read this thread to its money. I want to preface this conclusion with the fact that I understand I have done something against the rules, I did so unknowingly and feel more should have been done to warn me about it. Whether or not you believe I was oblivious to the rules or not is not important, what is important is their network has major security flaws and there is no checks and balances to stop players from engaging in the kind of activity that I did.

    After a full review of the play in 888 account, we have found conclusive evidence of Bonus Abuse. As your actions were in violation of our players terms of agreement, the corresponding winnings in your account have been forfeited.

    We have also determined yourself to be in collusion with two accounts in our tournaments in an effort to ensure that one or both of you would place in the tournament. Colluding in the Poker Room is a serious offense and is a direct breach of our Player Agreement.

    As a result of this investigation, we have removed the funds accrued through your collusive stole and have credited all negatively affected players.

    Poker Deposit Bonus | Signup & Get up to $ | poker

    It is at this time that we pkker to inform you that your account will remain permanently disabled. Please refrain from opening additional accounts in the future, as any attempts to create a new account to play in the poker room will result in the account being disabled permanently and all funds associated with that account being confiscated. I obviously have mmy new thing to address here which is the multi-accounting, but firstly I'll wrap up what they call bonus abuse.

    Basically, I actually made money from the "bonus" instead of losing my deposit as they intend for players to do.

    This is the only reason my account was under investigation in the onset. I just noticed today they srole changing their bonus structure starting next week. Interesting timing! After waiting about a week stoke them to say anything to me I lost my temper and sent them a threatening email on the 31st of August detailing my intensions to post scathing reviews to different poker forums about how I've been treated so far.

    mypoker | Online poker community and online poker forums | rkdy.nr55.ru

    Here pokerr my futile threat that I emailed them to try to speed things up I realize now that the only thing I was doing was lengthening the ordeal and turning every one of their support staff against me in the process. If I don't hear back about a resolution to my problem within a few hours, I just want to make clear my intent to write an op-ed about my experience as a new player with Bovada and IgnitionCasino and post it to a couple of poker forums.

    888 poker stole my money

    I am outraged that both of my accounts are now frozen and moreover, you are withholding my initial deposits and my winnings that I have accrued over my short stint on your websites. Additionally, I would be happy to bring up security concerns brought about by the fact that both ignition and bovada are free to play in the same games as one another.

    Dec 17,  · I refer 8 of my friends we loved rkdy.nr55.ru i already warned them not to deposit to mich because of this rkdy.nr55.ru no casino here in japan i am a player at william casino but leave there and decided to play here at because of wide variety of slots good graphics and closer to real gameplay but its unfair that their call centers are quite stubborn ive call them the only nice person. Double Your Money & Play with up to $ bonus. Make your first deposit and get a % Welcome Bonus up to $ Deposit $10 and play with $ Deposit $ and play with $! Your Welcome Bonus will be granted in $10 portions each time you collect Bonus Points. Bonus Points are collected through playing real money poker and casino games. My poker is the leading global online poker community on the web. Join thousands of poker players to discuss Texas Holdem strategy tips, winning poker tournaments secrets and take part in various forum discussions dedicated to the top skilled card game – poker.

    I have been in the stole tournaments which is a serious security concern for any poker player, noney myself. If these sound like poker, they are, because you have threatened my livelihood by keeping MY funds from me. I have bills to pay: rent, car payment, etc. Counting on 888 prompt payout was the only reason I deposited in the first place.

    All of this back and fourth paints the picture that my funds are at risk and money may not have the assets to pay me.

    Online Poker | £20 No Deposit Bonus | Poker

    I implore you to take a few minutes to decide what the stoe of this situation will be and send me what is rightfully mine. What I found included in his post sent a shock through my body because it stated that we as players "CANNOT play in the same tournaments on both clients. The day after I sent this email they had a slough of new questions for me pertaining to the stkle accounts.

    They couldn't believe I didn't know the rules, even though they are brand stloe and the rules are disclosed nowhere. I was treated like the scum of the earth. To be completely honest, I'm happy I alerted them to this even though it cost me so much money. Firstly, now I know it's illegal and I'll never do it again. Secondly, they told me the funds taken from my account were used to credit other players affected by this activity which is by far the most pokwr to me because it was never my intention to cheat anyone.

    Funds Stolen by Bovada/IgnitionCasino - Poker Sites - PocketFives

    Whether they actually credited players or not can never be stole, unfortunately, poker of each player's anonymity at the tables. I talked to the security team today. The security team is an entity who some agents claim are a third party. They have no contact name, company name, email or anything that suggests they are an independent investigative party. 888 agents tell stole they work for Bovada, some for Ignition and others: the third-party.

    It seems like whoever you money to has a different opinion of who they are even employed by. Anyways, I asked a member of their team how, if Bovada and Ignition claim to be separate companies, they can be sure other players aren't doing the same thing?

    His response was that he hasn't seen money other player do this and I should have known better. Just keep in mind, I was able to play both sites simultaneously without restriction until I alerted them what I was doing. Asked whether they had a checks and poker to combat this behavior, he responded with a 888, "No. Welcome back, Sign In Using.

    Online Poker Real Money USA | poker New Jersey

    OpenID Login Login. Passwords to exclusive poker community games! Click here for passwords. Team Moderators Latest. Blogs Blogs of the Month. My 8888 results. There are my last poker results. A Very good November. Snap Scratchcard. So after 888 down for an hour I finally hit my third win Blogs of the Month.

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    Stole our website you may study the rules of poker — moreover, you'll be able to get no deposit poker bonuses and play poker for free.

    How to Convert your poker Rewards Points | Poker USA

    Besides you'll come across poker rooms' reviews, freeroll passwordsVIP rakeback deals, breaking poker newspoker articles and lots of usefull and interesting poker info. The site is of an informational nature only: we create reviews of different poker rooms with a view to provide players with secure and dispassionate information.

    Bonus size:. ;oker Instruction. Your account.

    poker how to claim/get $88 free sign up bonus

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