Cost to build your own poker table


cost to build your own poker table

Best site for new players and beginners with a small bankroll. It doesn't have to be that way though. Once you're done, you're all set to host the weekly card game you've always wanted to. For tips on running the perfect home game, check our complete part guide here. After constantly burning through cheap playing cards while playing poker with my friends Plker decided to finally invest in some plastic cards.
  • How Do You Build Your Own Poker Table? | PokerNews
  • How to Build Your Own Poker Table for Under $ (Video & Plans)
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  • Cost To Build Your Own Poker Table
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  • Clamp pieces together. Fill each of the screw holes with wood filler. Allow the wood filler to dry. Sand the side of the Table Top to remove any roughness or unevenness from sawing using a belt sander. All of the edges of the rail need to be rounded.

    How Do You Build Your Own Poker Table? | PokerNews

    This can be done with a belt sander, but preferably to be done with a router. Each of the 5 edges should be rounded. Use the belt sander to sand the side of the rail. Try to make it as smooth as possible. Use the orbital sander to lightly sand the top and the newly rounded edges. Make sure that the wood bkild is sanded smooth. Apply a thin coat of polyurethane to the top side and edge of the table top, and to all sides of the rail. Put these pieces aside and let them dry.

    Not only am I going to show you how to build your own poker table for under $, I'm also going to give you the free poker table plans as well as a step by step guide to teach you exactly how to build a poker table or poker table top. Building your own poker table is actually an extremely easy task. In this section I will show you exactly how to build a poker table with lights and give you the lighted poker table plans for free. This build cost of this table is slightly higher than that of the standard oval poker table as you will need one additional sheet of wood, to raise your railing, as well as a string of rope lights. May 18,  · this video is about the steps of how i build my pokertable in Vagetoss J.

    This does two things; protects the wood from spilled liquids and most importantly helps the spray adhesive adhere better. You will cut a total of 7 pieces for the frame. Use 3 of the 8' 1x4 and 1 6' 1x10 boards for the frame.

    How to Build Your Own Poker Table for Under $ (Video & Plans)

    Next, cut 2 - 64" length pieces, one out of each of the 2 remaining 1x4 boards. At both ends of the end pieces, countersink two pilot holes. The side pieces will butt up to the end pieces. Apply wood glue to the ends of the side pieces.

    Tablr the end and side pieces together. This poke make a rectangular shaped frame. These boards will cost flush with the top edge your the frame. Drill 10 countersink pilot holes for each leg mount board; 3 holes on each side and 4 on hable end.

    Apply glue on three edges of the leg mount board. Insert it into the frame and fasten it in place. Fill all screw holes with Wood Filler. Have the table top laying poker with the bottom side up.

    Lay build frame on top of table table top. Make sure that the frame is centered in both directions own the top. Use a pencil to outline the frame onto the table top.

    cost to build your own poker table

    Outline both inside and outside of frame, including the center support and leg mounts. Cut 15 - 27" 1x4 pieces out of 5 - 8' 1x4 boards. Cut the 16th 27" piece out from one pokerr the left over 32" pieces from the frame.

    These 16 boards will make the 4 legs.

    Cut 8 - 24" plker out of the remaining 2 - 8' 1x4 boards. These 8 boards will make the 2 cross supports for the legs.

    Divide the 16 - 27" legs boards into 4 groups of 4. Glue the 4 boards together and clamp them together. Repeat this for the other 3 legs. Allow the glue to set before removing clamps. Divide the 8 - 24" support boards into 2 groups of 4.

    Glue the yuor boards and clamp them together. Repeat this for the other support. Use a belt sander and sand the leg and support pieces smooth.

    Only sand the joint side of these pieces. Use the orbital sander to sand the pieces to a nice smooth finish. Cut off a portion of each end of each leg to ensure that both ends of the leg have a finished cut. Light sand with pokeg orbital sander. Cut off a portion of each end of each support to ensure that both ends of the support have a finished cut. Mark these measurements across each leg. This is the location were the cross yourr will fasten to the legs.

    Apply wood glue to both ends of each of the support pieces. Insert the screws into the holes and fasten the leg to the support.

    Tools and Materials to Build a Lighted Poker Table

    Do this for each leg. Wipe off any excess glue. Fill the screw holes with wood filler. Once the glue and wood filler is dry, sand those areas smooth with the orbital sander.

    Cost To Build Your Own Poker Table

    You will be painting the legs, frame and bottom of table. Apply the paint which ever way is easiest for you; spray paint, brush or sprayer. First apply a coat of primer.

    You will need to do 2 coats. Allow drying time between coats. Lay the table top flat with the bottom face up. Place the legs into their positions. Have the legs tight up against the frame on the ends; leave an equal space between the legs and the side frames. Install the strap hinges and table leg braces.

    Flip the table over and stand it up with the legs down. Position the rail into place on the table. From underneath the table make sure there is an even gap between the table and rail.

    This gap is needed for the felt and vinyl. Once the rail is positioned correctly, clamp it in place. Start here to begin collecting your tools and buying your poker table supplies. This is the first real step in making a poker table with lights, measuring and cutting all of the wood.

    How to Build a Poker Table

    Put on your hard hat and plug in your power tools. It's time to get started. This is the main variation over our standard tables. In this step you will learn how to build the lighted rail for your poker table as well as upholster the rail and connect the lights. Its all down hill from here. All you have to do now is put everything you've created together and cosy in buid glow of your success. And maybe a little heavy lifting.

    Clamp the rough assembly together to drill the holes for the T-nuts. This is done so that the rail can be removed for cleaning or in case something needs to be replaced potentially the poker speed cloth.

    Use a hammer to drive the T-nuts into the rail surface. This needs to be flush; otherwise you may have bumps under your rail. Once the T-nuts are installed, fasten the assembled rail to the playing surface using csot eight machine bolts coupled with the washers.

    Remove the rail assembly from the table. Leave it like this for an hour with a few heavy objects on top. Make some rough cuts in the foam to make it workable. Use the spray adhesive again on the sides of the rail and wrap it like shown.

    You may want buiild clamp the straight sides using a scrap piece of wood to hold it while it dries. You may have to re-apply spray adhesive more than once because it may peel off the rail in a few places.

    Your hands may hurt for a few days afterwards from all the stapling but it is well worth the effort.

    How to Build a Poker Table With Lights

    This may seem to be a problem at first but you will need to stretch the vinyl with all your strength to get it all the way around the other side. After you staple the straight edges you need to staple the round edges. Start stapling at the middle of the curve. Make sure you stretch the vinyl to make it as tight as you can.

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